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Fisher Freight Forwarding Limited deals mainly with Western Europe, specialising in France, but having fairly regular services from Spain, (one runs north from Cadiz, through Irun via Madrid and Valladolid and the other runs from the Barcelona area). Germany is also reasonably well covered with regular services from the areas of Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Saarbrucken.

Donít be put off if you need services from other regions, we also have experience with Benelux, Italy, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. We can also assist with worldwide shipments, import/export, with partners specialising in the Americas, Australasia, Far East and the Middle East.


Customs Documentation

Although we do not complete customs documents ourselves, we have nominated agents who carry out all aspects of documents, from T. forms to intrastat declarations. 



All road movements are covered under CMR conditions of carriage.


Our Aim at Fisher Freight

Our Aim at Fisher Freight is to provide a quality service to our customers in a personal and professional manner. By not only putting our customers needs to the fore, but also giving every consideration to the needs of our suppliers, we have already built a reputation for fairness. This ensures that our suppliers put extra effort into making the job go right, thus providing the highest quality service at a reasonable price.

At Fisher Freight, we prefer to work in a welcoming and informal manner. We think that this makes us approachable for resolving the problems that this business inevitably throws up.